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Women Earrings To Get Best Compliments!


There are various types of earrings that available in the market. The latest trend among women is fashion earrings. The unique design and various types of materials used for creating earrings are immense.

The popular types of earrings are mentioned below

Metal earrings

These are ethnic in approach but contemporary in styling. Available in various designs these are exclusive handcrafted by the artisans by their creativity. These earrings looks beautiful when worn with traditional outfits like Salwar suits, sarees and kurtis.

Women of all age groups can wear them and have classy and elegant look.

Patwa thread earrings

These are again a bucolic form of earrings. Made by the artisans of the Rajasthan using simple items like threads and beads to create rustic and trendy fashion earrings have grabbed the women all around. Presented in bright colours these can be worn with almost all kinds of apparels.

Sea shell earrings

These Women earrings are made up of sea shells found in the sea. These are made by the artisans of the Bengal region which being close to sea has immense source of sea shells. Sea shells are considered very sacred and auspicious as per the Hindu tradition. Married women in Bengal wears accessories made by of sea shell only.

Silver Earrings

Earrings made up of precious metals like silver is highly demanded among ladies. They are unique in their design and are expensive too.

Meenakari Earrings

The exclusive Meenakari work done by the artisans of the Rajasthan on the earrings in the bright hues of red , green and blue on the base ranging from lac, metal and silver is tremendously popular among the women across the globe.

These ethnic and traditional earrings are flaunted by the women on special occasions like marriage, engagement, festivals and other religious ceremonies.

Gold earrings

And how can we forget expensive and alluring Gold earrings. These are available in both traditional and contemporary style that has attracted women since generations!

Beware, gold jewelry detrimental to health


Gold illustration

Gold is a mineral that has a beautiful sparkling form so no wonder that many women who love to wear or collect this precious metal. Unfortunately, behind the beauty of the shape and luster are the negative effects that could harm your health.

For some people, wearing gold jewelry can be a headache, nausea, and malaise. The condition can occur even though only see a row of gold lined in a shop window. Why is that?

Mining materials are placed on the body have an influence on the nervous system. Therefore, materials such as gold mining and natural rocks is often used as an alternative treatment method. Usually gold or precious stones are placed on certain points on the body, left for some time, then removed.

Conversely, a person may also experience health problems when using gold in a particular body part. According to a study of gold it can interfere with a person’s health.

As quoted in Genius Beauty, gold could stimulate and awaken all the processes that occur in the human brain. The use of gold in the body can cause health problems associated with the nervous system as a whole.

One of the negative effects of a relatively light due to the use of gold was depressed. This is why not everyone can use gold. Even the golden glare can cause seizures for people with epilepsy. Therefore, doctors recommend to replace gold with silver jewelry has a more positive impact on the nervous system.

Health experts also warned not to wear a ring that is too small so that it can put pressure on the finger. The use of narrow rings in the long run could lead to disruption of capillary system. Immediately remove your jewelry is mainly derived from minerals if feels uncomfortable.

Contemporary Jewellery For Modern Women


Most women desire jewellery but often do not buy it for themselves as it is a luxury item. Giving the right jewellery as a gift can allow you to demonstrate how deep your love is for that woman.

Women love to wear jewellery and the more they have in their collection the better. The choices are vast and include costume jewellery, fine pieces in gold or silver or unusual hand made contemporary jewellery pieces that really stand out from the crowd.

For modern day woman best suited is the contemporary jewellery. Whether you buy the contemporary jewellery in Gold, or Diamond the ultimate happiness associated with contemporary jewellery designs can make your womans day.

These days, we see a lot of demand for contemporary designs for jewellery items because Contemporary jewellery designs never go out of style. Buying contemporary jewellery is an investment that you can count on staying with you for decades to come.

Contemporary jewellery offers a combination of modern-classic, bold jewellery for women that incorporate a unique mixture of beaded, gemstones, precious and semi precious stones.

Statement necklaces
, long circle earrings and bracelets are all part of Contemporary jewellery. Contemporary jewellery; get us noticed as creative individuals and dramatically show that we have something to say.

Buying striking large size jewellery item allows to keep the key vibe, big impressions, withoutmaking a hugeimpression onyour wallet. An extra bonus is that large jewellery pieces is not going to go out of fashion.

Here are some tips to consider if you are going to buy a contemporary piece of jewellery:

With jewellery choose quality over quantity every time.

If possible buy real not artificial stones.

Buy something that matches another item in your womans collection. For example if she has an amethyst pendant, try to find amethyst earrings to match.

If you wish to buy jewellery with coloured stones it is best you buy a jewellery to go with a dress she already has.

Where Can You Find the Best contemporary jewellery in England?

Charmian Beaton Design is a Handmade Contemporary Jewellery gallery owned by Scottish designer Charmian Beaton. The gallery sells contemporary jewellery and handmade jewellery from over 40 designers who work in a mixture of mediums. You will find everything from hand-painted acrylic bangles, Titanium wedding bands, steel and diamond rings, brightly-coloured anodised titanium jewellery to handmade gold engagement and wedding bands and of course every girl’s favourite, handmade platinum engagement and wedding rings.

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