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Stylish Essential Summer Women’s Clothing


Summer is a colorful and exciting season which offers chances to ladies for showing off their charming looks. From the colors to women’s athletic apparel, let us have a look at the essential women’s clothing in this summer.

Blue Women’s Dresses Are Refreshing

To determine your colors in this summer, you need to assess your hair, skin and eye color as well as what colors you feel you look the best in. Determining your style can introduce you to a whole new palette of colors! In summer, we can easily connect summer with blue sea and beach. Indeed, blue is the most refreshing color in summer as if blue can bring the cool sea wind to everyone. On the red carpets, the famous stars also know how to bring refreshing and cool atmosphere to her fans. In the fashion world, Cindy Crawford is always the wind vane. Her shining blue women’s dresses of different styles also sweep the fashion world. Therefore, a blue dress would bring much refreshing and luck to you this summer.

Fringes for Women’s Blazers & Jacekets

To personalize your wardrobe and move away from the same style women’s clothing, try mixing up your wardrobe with vintage items or pieces that have been passed down from your mom. As one of the women’s blazers & jackets, fringe has been a hit on the runways since 2008, when designers like Jil Sander, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren showed off fringed looks. Before long, fringe began showing up on bags, scarves, vests, and now jackets. Mid-range stores such as Modcloth and Arden B have their own versions of the fringe jacket trend available now. It would be easy to pull off if made the center of an outfit. As with any dramatic piece of clothing, its important not to let it not to overwhelm you. So I recommend pairing it with women’s jeans and a tank. Then throw on some funky jewelry to pull the bohemian look together.

Quick Dry Women’s Athletic Apparel

Summer is also a good season for girls to get in better shape at the gym. However, I could definitely do without the sweaty, sticky, gross feeling that comes with it. What to do? It is quick dry fabrics! There are many brands for women’s athletic apparel such as the Nike Dri-Fit or Armour. Besides, you can find many other styles on Shopsimple.com. If you are really into natural fibers, beware because most quick-dry clothing is made from synthetic materials.